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Page Topic: It Finally Happened!
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#1: It Finally Happened! Author: nucciaLocation: Toronto, Ontario, Canada PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 2:54 am
Charlie just found this and wanted to share it with everyone...


#2: Re: It Finally Happened! Author: BillieDeKidLocation: Illinois PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 9:52 am

By the way.........gas this week in my area officially hit $4.00 per gallon for regular unleaded hide

#3: Re: It Finally Happened! Author: CaroleLocation: Valtellina - Near Lake Como PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 12:12 pm
Our 'regular' and 'diesel' have both reached the same price this weekend -
€1.42 per litre....

The US/Can gallon is less than the Imperial gallon, but that works out at EQUIVALENT TO:

US$ 2.21 per litre = $9.45 per US gallon

CAN$ 2.22 per litre = $9.497 per US gallon

GB £1.13 per litre = £5.137 per IMP gallon

So for me to fill up my 60lt. gas tank on the car it now costs me
€85 OR £67.65 OR CAN$132.43 OR US$132.40

That might sound 'not too bad', but when you think, a pensioner here in Italy on the minimum pension gets just €390 net after tax per MONTH!

Someone working in a shop might be lucky to be paid €600 'net' per MONTH!

Puts it all into perspective really doesn't it!

#4: Re: It Finally Happened! Author: nucciaLocation: Toronto, Ontario, Canada PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 12:20 pm
Gas here has reached $1.25 per litre. We can no longer pass a gas station without my husband letting out a string of words that I swear even makes me cringe! We have a mini van and each time we go to fill it up it costs over a hundred dollars...needless to say, we don't fill it up too often anymore.

Personally, I am within walking distance of work so I walk whenever possible. Unfortunately, with my early hours, my husband has to usually drive me since there is no way I would walk around at 3 am in the morning under some of the dark bridges I have to pass to get there. The boys walk to school (and its 1.5 kilometres away for the two of them who each attend school in different parts of the city) and Jen's school is just up the street. I can see the school from my porch.

This gas crisis is a nightmare for everyone...

#5: Re: It Finally Happened! Author: JamesBiancoLocation: Westfield, MA. PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 2:45 pm
Carole wrote:

CAN$132.43 OR US$132.40

This (exchange rate) in fact makes me cringe SO MUCH more than the gas price increase. Our (The US) economy is going down the tubes so fast it's sickening. And apparently it's only going to get worse.


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