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Page Topic: birth records
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#31: Re: birth records Author: lilbeesLocation: Georgia, USA PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:12 am
When you compose your letter requesting the birth records you can email it directly to the Palermo Archives at the link below.

responsabileufficioricerche @ (remove the spaces in the address when you use it)

This email address is for research by mail. You do need to have at the very least the comune of birth and the birth year at a minimum.


#32: Re: birth records Author: nycgreg PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:11 am
Hi, Iam going to write a letter so I can acqire my great grandfathers birth certificate and i was wondering what kind of copy will i get? I hear there are 3 types of birth certificates. I'd prefer the extract because it has lots of info on it. Should i use the link that Billiedekid gave me to compose the letter so i can get the extract form? Thanks

-> Where do I begin?

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