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#31: Re: Where is Everyone? Author: DaveFerroLocation: Auburn NY PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:30 am
We were panicking when the library was culling their shelves, selling or throwing out ones that had not been taken out in a certain time. Some of the older books still have much to tell us, even if they are out of date. My room is covered with books, shelves full of what was collected over the years. Only a few have been given up - these were ones given to me by friends, sometimes by strangers, with the condition that I pass them on to someone else. One was quoted from in several Jefferson Airplane songs (Crown of Creation and Triad). Strange to hear the music and think of the story. Funny how the feeling is still there inside. Just brought back a photo book about Woodstock; maybe that has something to do with it.

Many history, art, and of course, tech books; much time is spent trying to find something. There are about 12 binders of slides and prints, negatives with contact sheets essentially in chronological order. That is my memory bank: often has to be consulted to see where I was at the time. Some mystery of who the people are.

#32: Re: Where is Everyone? Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:40 pm
Dave your post reminds me of a time when our library was selling off some of the books that hadnt been taken out for a while.
My l. husband used to enjoy taking out books about the war. One in particular he enjoyed and tried in vain to buy one of his own but it was out of print.
So I suggested because he was the only one that ever took that book out on loan from the library they may let him buy it, because before he had taken it out it had been on the shelf for a very long time. The irony of this was the librarian said because the book had been taken out on a regular basis over the past year they couldnt sell it even if it hadnt been taken out for a long time before that. Now if he had only left that book on the shelf he would have been able to buy it.
My daughter then started searching all the secondhand bookshops to try to find this book for her dad and after searching for over a year she found one and was able to give him a surprise in his birthday.


#33: Re: Where is Everyone? Author: BonValLocation: Florida PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:31 am
Hi all - just checking in -- I am one of 'those' lurkers who pops by and reads without posting - seems this summer and early fall have kept me busy but not sure with anything specific! I haven't been actively working on the Italian genealogy - but have spent a great deal of time with my sister. She has been working on our family and I have been scanning hundreds and hundreds of certificates, newspaper clipsings, photographs to have copies of everything she has amassed. But now it is time I get back to the Italian side! Glad to hear everyone is fine for the most part - and congrats to you lil for quitting the smoking!

#34: Re: Where is Everyone? Author: DaveFerroLocation: Auburn NY PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:31 pm

That is exactly what was going on at our library. One of the librarians said to just take a book out that you want to save, even for just a day. Some might be lost forever. I did buy one guide to San Francisco which is pretty good with history and nice maps, stories of the Haight-Ashbury etc. It seems to be originally written in French and then translated to English - so some strange phrases.

That's too bad about your husband not being able to buy the book he wanted. At least your daughter finally got him a copy.

I have been taking many books out about WWII as both my fathers were involved, plus all the uncles. My cousin found my birth father's diary in his attic, and another uncle gave me letters he wrote to him. That is the major source of knowledge of him, plus another cousin found 78 rpm records that my birth father made of him singing and other musicians. My mother and sister, cousins and uncles are on them too.

My foster father was 30 when drafted and got assigned to an ambulance -safe right? except for all the holes in it. I have many photos he took all through Europe and then to the Philippines and finally Hiroshima.

My uncle Sam has me searching for wherever he was - his complaint is that they never would say which country they were in.

Was your husband in the service? I remember that you said your brother was in. Did find that the Canadian 1st Division went up the interior route through Italy and near where our family was from (maternal grandmother).


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