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#16: Re: Family History Centre Author: BillieDeKidLocation: Illinois PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:31 am
It's still not working Em so I think they're doing something with their system. If you go to the catalog and select films by town names (place) it gives an error or comes up blank and says it's done. Maybe they'll have it fixed in the next day or two.

#17: Re: Family History Centre Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:01 pm
Thanks Elizabeth at least I now know its not my computer or something I've done.
Just a good job I didnt get the films ordered last night because today I discovered it was the later years I needed and they are not available for Atina Crying or Very sad
Guess a holiday it Italy is the answer Wink
Emmy xx

#18: Re: Family History Centre Author: lilbeesLocation: Georgia, USA PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:26 am
Emmy, did you say you were trying to order and did not register? Maybe I misunderstood you.


#19: Re: Family History Centre Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:10 pm
Hi Lilbees
It said to fill in the number for the film and then in the next drop down box how long you wanted to keep it for and I did that then it came up (cant remember the exact words now) saying that there was no film available with that number and I know it defiantely was the correct number. When I tried to add the place name plus the film number it came up saying to fill in only the number, and when I did that once again it said no film with that number was available.
I'm quite sure this had nothing to do with me not registering first because in all the other situations like this you can register after you have chosen what you want. If I can get an appointment at the FHC tomorrow I'm going to ask about this. Must admit I'd far rather just order and pay for the films at the FHC but I dont have the choice to do that now if I want films I MUST order online.

#20: Re: Family History Centre Author: brobinson43Location: Tasmania, Australia PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:37 am
Hi, as you can see, I'm a brand new member, so the topic's dried up about ten days ago.

Anyway I am quite familiar with the new system as it has been in force in Australia since new year.

To the best of my knowledge, Emmy, you need to register BEFORE you can order a film. In anycase, like with this site, you have to wait for an email and click on a link in it to activate your registration, so you cannot start ordering a film, and then register.

For the record, the cost of a short term loan here has increased from $A5 to $A7.75 (about $US6.70 or 4.60 Euro or £4.50)

The system seems to work quite well now, except you have to wait longer - the film has to come from Salt Lake City, not Sydney. They usually arrived in under a fortnight before, now it's at least 3 weeks -- if you're lucky.

Best wishes,


#21: Re: Family History Centre Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:41 pm
Thank you Baz and welcome to Gente
It's good to know you have to register first I'm going to pass this information on when I'm next at the FHC.
I'm wishing now I had ordered all the films last year when I was going to do it but then decided to wait until I was ready to do the research - bad idea that was!! Crying or Very sad but the cost of the films here have really escalated from £4.00+ to £18.00 per film BIG increase in price here.
Thanks again for the information


#22: Re: Family History Centre Author: ElevenLocation: New York PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:47 am
I am late to this conversation, but someone mentioned "when they get all of their records online" (if they will charge). I dont think we will live long enough to see them get the Italian records we need, online. I have been arbitrating for them for almost 2 years ( 2 years next month). They already had up the trento baptisms. We were still doing them a few months ago. I took a break for a few months, but did login occasionally to see what was Nothing. Oh..wait Castellammare di stabile. That was new..but I am sure its been there for 6 month. These are death records.

For a few months, about a year and a half ago, I also indexed/arbitrated for ancestry. Its just as bad..the same two towns are being worked on, both in the north.

I am guessing that the problem in both places is, there arent enough volunteers in Italy, nor people in this country, willing to work on italian records...and they really arent that hard to do.

Another thing that gets me with the LDS is that instead of looking to see whats out there, and adding to their site, new things..they are putting out the same stuff. Ancestry has all of the census records for the 1900s...and the LDS is having us do the exact same records. We did the 20s and I believe the 30s..and right now, 1910 is up to do..and you dont even want to see the mess, those from NY state are. It looks like they had major software problems..and side A does not line up with side B. Side B is in the correct have to move around almost every name on side A to match up, before you can arbitrate them. I am guessing, people were sending them back to have side A re-indexed, because they put up a notice a couple of months ago, telling them not to send them back and explaining (to those who didnt know how) how to match them up. I am working on these because..its my state..and I dont think many people want to bother with this matching..its very time consuming. Heh..and right now, something is wrong, because I can only download one record at a time..and I cant open, no help from me, this weekend.

Anyway..I believe they "may" charge, eventually for certain records. They wont charge their volunteers tho. I believe we will have access to everything.

I havent been to my FHL since two years after I started genealogy, which means last time I was there was 15 years ago. These prices have more than doubled for rentals and I paid only 5 cents per copy. I heard from someone else who uses the same FHL..that you cant even use their copier yourself, at my FHL, you have to wait for someone to do it for you.

I would love nothing more than to see southern Italy, online..but something tells me, we arent gonna see that any time soon...not by what I have observed in the past two both LDS and ancestry.

#23: Re: Family History Centre Author: brobinson43Location: Tasmania, Australia PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:38 pm
Eleven said:

I would love nothing more than to see southern Italy, online..but something tells me, we arent gonna see that any time soon...not by what I have observed in the past two both LDS and ancestry.

What I think is going to happen based on what has happened so far in the UK, is that they will simply be put on there as images, without an index. This has happened for the church registers for Norfolk, and the BTs for Durham Diocese.

The lack of an index is a nuisance, but at least it's as good as having all the microfilms at your instant disposal. ....

Barrie in Tasmania

#24: Re: Family History Centre Author: ElevenLocation: New York PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:04 am
I can live with I went page by page at the FHL, searching Italian records. I dont care how they get them on

#25: Re: Family History Centre Author: mahartLocation: Liverpool UK PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:15 am
Regarding the pricing of films at LDS FHC we where told in Liverpool UK about the price hike July 2009 and if I remember rightly it was in place by the end of that year. The reason given was the administration and shipping costs were far out weighing what they were charging at the time, and apparently it was on the cards for some time. That announcement was shortly followed by an announcement that our centre was closing down because there was no longer anyone from the church to manage it' so now I not only have to pay a lot more I have to do a 150 km round trip to the nearest centre. Also I'm no longer allowed to use my camera and they don't have zoom lenses sufficient for seeing 16mm films, well at least for my eyesight. which is not the best.


#26: Re: Family History Centre Author: lilbeesLocation: Georgia, USA PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:06 am
Thank goodness they have put some of the Naples records online in their collections. They may be "browse images only" but they have saved me a ton of letter writing to comunes. Just by chance, when the announced they had put the Castellammare di Stabia in their collections, I thought I would check it out. Discovered that is where my family moved sometime after 1852. What a goldmine. Found not only the family I knew about but their families as well. I have copies of the birth/death/marriage records for all of them.

When I had written to that comune for a marriage record all I received was a paper with their names on it and the date they married. No ages, no parents names, etc. even though I had requested the complete extract long form. This happened with another as well. So thank goodness these records came online.

Luckily there were indexes but in many cases you had to go through the records page by page. Even that was okay since I eventually found the one I was looking for. I have gone back to these records many times over that past few months and discover others that I had missed earlier. I am still missing the death record for the last great uncle of mine. Again, going through the records page by page.

If I had to pay for access it would be well worth it to me. Like all of you I have other areas I would love to have access to if they put the film online. Would be great.

I feel very lucky and grateful.


"Napoli Province Municipal Records"

#27: Re: Family History Centre Author: ElevenLocation: New York PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:59 pm
Keep checking, because the records from that town are still being worked on.

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