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#1: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:42 am
I am trying to find any information about my Italian family. Family name Barilone. My mother and Grandfather told me that My Great grandfather Innucenzio Barilone was born in St Elia Fiumerapido - Frosinone?? He was born in 1866. I don't know the name of his mother or father. However, I have found three other names that I think maybe connected to him and these are, Guiseppe Barilone - died 1860 Francesco Barilone - died 1861 and Rosa Barilone -died 1862. I would like to know how they were related to him and I would love to know the names of his mother and father, brothers and sisters.
I am told when he came to England in 1887 he had travelled, we think with his brother. I have a copy of the marriage Certificate - He married Julietta Tudda in the UK she was born in Castiglione, Italy. Her sister Marriana Tudda was at the wedding and also someone called Francisci Barilone. I am wondering who this was as I thought his brother had returned to Italy a few months after they had arrived in the Uk.

I am so very eager to have a clear picture of my family and to fill in all those gaps. Please could anyone help?

Thank you!

#2: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:04 pm
Hi Angel
I just remembered I had recorded the death records for 1860 1861 and 1862. So here's the information for that part.

!860 Giuseppe Barilone
died 24/8/1860 age 2 days old
Father: Nicola Barilone
Mother: Carmina Fallone

1861 Francesco Barilone
died 18/10/1861 age 1 year old
Father: Giovanni Barilone
Mother: Angelina Cascarino

1862 Rosa Barilone (maiden surname)
died 12/3/1862 age 30 years
Father: Fu Michele ('fu' means her father was already dead when she had died)
Mother : 'fu' Rosea Vettraino ('fu'- same meaning as above)
Rosa was a widow when she died and her late husband's name was Rocco Capraro

Wont know if any of them are connected in any way until I check the other records but at this moment it doesnt seem they are the same family but they could be related pehaps cousins?? Wait and see if I can find anything on Tuesday.
(I've posted this on your other post too but its maybe better if we just keep to one thread and just post questions and answers on this one Wink

#3: Re: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:29 pm
Thank you so much Emmy for searching through the records for me. Yes, it seems that they may not be connected, or maybe they were cousins? was the Barilone name quite common in this part of Italy I wonder??

Thanks again.


#4: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:58 pm
Hi Angel
I've just looked up the distribution ofthe surname Barilone : this is the link

Unfortunately this site doesnt list the surnames of families living in Sant'Elia Fiumerapido

#5: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:43 pm
Hi AngeI was at the FHC today but silly me I picked up the wrong note book and I didnt discover this until I was at the FHC and the information that you wanted me to find was in the notebook I left at home. Hopefully I'll maybe get back on Thursday if not it will be next Tuesday.
All I could remember was the surname.
This is what I found
1877 Index 78 July 31st Rocco Antonio Barilone
Father: Gaetano
Mother: Palma Rosa Tommanelli

1881 Index 58 Carolina Barilone

1891 Index 107 Innucezio Barilone ?
Just noticed this when I got home that this is the name you were looking for but this is the wrong year?

I've still to look up the actual records for the last two but I have sorted my notebooks out and they are in my bag ready for my next visit and I'll search for Innucenzio approx 1866 either Thursday or next Tuesday

I was sooo annoyed with myself put it down to forgetfulness through old age Wink Very Happy Very Happy

ps I've sent you a p.m. (private message)

#6: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:51 pm
Hi Angel
This is what I found today but sadly not one for Innucenzio. I also tried that other comune but the surname wasnt on the indexes.
1860: Francesco Antonio Barilone:25/8/1860
Father: Giovanni Mother: Angelica Cascarino

1860: Giuseppe Barilone: 21/8/1860
Father: Nicola Mother: Carmina Fallone

1862: Concetta Barilone: 5/3/1862
Father: Francesco Mother: Giovanna Cece

1863: Benedetto Antonio Barilone: 22/5/1862
Father: Nicola: Mother: Benedetta Vettraino

1866: Francesco Barilone: 19/5/1866
Father: Giovanni Mother: Angelica Cascarino

1871: Michela Barilone: 14/11/1871
Father: Gaetano Mother:Pasqua Tommarelli

1873: Dorotea Bariloe: 31/8/1873
Father: Gaetano Mother: Maria Palma Tommanelli

1874: Dorotea Barilone: 27/5/1874
Father: Francesca Antonio Mother: Oscenza De Meo

(Sorry I forgot to look up the names of the parents for Carolina b.1881 and Eufrasia B.1891)

If any of the records mean anything to you let me know and I'll photograph the documents for you

#7: Re: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:02 pm
Hi Emmy,

All those names, I am just going through them once more to see if there could be a connection. I am assuming that my G. Grandfather Innucenzio Barilone was born in 1866 as my mother and uncle believe.

I also understand that Innucenzio and his wife Giulietta returned to Italy with some of their children (we don't know the exact date of their return) they had plans to stay. But after 6 months they returned to the UK. Think it was just before the war (1939).

Thank you for all your help Emmy. If you find any other info I would be very grateful. I will be going to the library and the cemetary this week where many of the Italians living in Birmingham UK wee buried will let you know if I find out any other information.

Thank you once more Emmy.


#8: Re: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:43 pm

I think that Concetta Barilone born 5/3/1862 could be related to my G.Grandfather as her father is Francesco. This maybe his sister. The other thing I have realised is that Innucenzio named his first son (my uncle) Giovanni. This would be understanable if his mother was named Giovanna??
I have a feeling that this may have been his sister and his mother and father.
Could some of the other names you found be cousins??? How common was the name Bailone??

Emmy how can I now confirm that this was his father, mother and sister??

The other name I noticed is Doretea Barilone born 1874 - her father was Francesca Antonio Barilone. Mother Oscenza De Meo. My grandfather was named Angelo Antonio Barilone and my Uncle (my mothers brother is named Antonio (Tony) Angelo Barilone.
I am confused totally! There must be way to find out???


#9: Re: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:28 pm
I checked the site you mentioned Emmy with regards to families of the same name living within that area, there were 8 Barilone families. were they of the same family I ask myself????


#10: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:10 pm
Hi Angel
I'm going to sit down and try to work out all the information so far - we need a definate link or we could be on a wild goose chase. My planning for this week has not worked out (my family took me out for a surprise meal on Saturday - (a belated birthday celebration Very Happy ) so everything I had planned for that day was put on hold! so I'm not sure if I'll manage to the FHC tomorrow, may have to be Thursday or next Tuesday. Had to take the dog to the vet today too and I've to take my paintings to the printer tomorrow to get prints made before I get them framed. But if I get back in time and get to the FHC I'll check out another film and see what comes up.
Just keep checking in on this post and I'll keep you updated.

#11: Re: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:29 am
Thank you Emmy, Hope you had a wonderful meal and hope your dogs fine.
I visited the Cemetary where all the Italians who died during 1930's, 1940's were buried including my G. Grandfather Innucenzio Barilone and his wife Giulietta. I was so very sad and to say the least very unprepared. They were buried in common graves, no markings at all. There was no head stone, no plaque to identify where they were buried and I was also told by the Cemetary attendant that they were also buried with other people.
I had taken the most beautiful flowers and I really didn't know where to place them. In the end I decided to lay them next to two trees that were very clost to one another. Even my mother didn't know how they were buried. I guess only my Grandfather and his brothers and sisters knew. They never spoke bout it.

Well it was just after the war and I suppose it was a time of struggle for all families, but it is so very sad the very people/pioneers who had left Italy to make a new life in another country, right from scratch and work so very hard throughout their lives, should end like this. And for their families that came along later to not know where they were laid to rest. All I have is a map of the Cemetary plot and two numbers where they were buried. However, when you actually find the plot there is nothing there, only grass and two trees, no numbers, niente.

I actually did shed tears, but I emembered that they had lived and their lives were full of love, laughter, tears, struggles and joy. They had lived.
I am living proof of that.


#12: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:18 pm
So sad Angel isnt it -the same sort of thing happened to my grandparents and some of their children too. A relative of mine has been doing lots of research into this, she has found where one of the children was buried ,but its listed as a pauper's grave - cost was 5 shillings- but the grave did have a number and she said if you can find a helpful cemetry attendant they will take you to the actual place. As far as I know she never said about others being buried with other people- but there again when you buy a burial plot you usually purchase 2/3 layers in the same plot meaning that its possible if it's a 'pauper's' plot 3 people could be buried in one plot and not be related. So so sad. At the moment she is trying to find which cemetry my grandparents were buried. She told me that another archive ledger/book has just been released for research - she seems to know just where to go and what to do. These books are so old she said she has to wear white gloves while using the books and she isnt allowed to take her handbag etc into the room with her- seems its not been unknown for people to tear out pages from those books and smuggle them out- selfish crime to do that!! I'm almost sure its the 'poor relief' records she is searching at the moment. She did find out that my grandmother was given help/money from the local Italian community to help with the cost of my grandfather's funeral. I often wished it was possible to go back in time to give them the help the needed so much.
Sorry didnt manage to the FHC today so I guess it will be next Tuesday before I have any news for you - fingers crossed!!

#13: Re: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:57 pm
Hi Emmy,

Today I met an Italian man at the church where my Grandfather and Great Grandfather were married (St Michaels Church). I was told about him by the priest. He's much older than my mother (88yrs old to be exact). Anyway, he remembers my family a they all lived in the same area and he remembers that at that time when the Italians died they were all buried at this particular Cemetry. So I think that they were buried with friends and people they knew.

He has also advised me to have a look at the photos of the Italian Quarter - held at the Birmingham Central Library. He tells me that many photos of the Italian traders were taken during the 1930's - 1940's, so you never know I may spot some familiar faces.

He chatted so very much about the families that lived in the area including my family, as if it were only yesterday. It seemed that many of the families came from the St Elia areas.

Emmy were your family here in the UK or the US?

I'm really keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that there will be some information at the FHC that will help my search. Your so lucky living in Italy, It's something I long to do at some point in time.
Thank you once again,

#14: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:54 pm
Hi Angel
I dont live in Italy.
( In fact I've only been there once on holiday way back in the early 1970's when we went with our 4 children to visit my late husband's relatives Crying or Very sad )
My research goes back a bit further than the 1930's. My grandparents arrived in London around 1885/1887 and then came up to Glasgow around 1894/1895. I dont live in Glasgow but my distant relative who is doing the research on the cemetries does live there so that helps.

I have always lived in Scotland, and I've never been to USA although I have found distant relatives living in Canada and USA through my research.

The reason I can get information about Sant'Elia is because since I started going to my local FHC here in Scotland, over the years I have ordered amost all the films for births, deaths and marriage, that are available for Sant'Elia and I have them on permanent loan. My intention was to record all the information from the films and put them into excel files but because I cant use the films at home and I cant scan them at the centre it means I've either to take photographs of the records then transcribe them at home or copy the information into a notebook and transfer the information to the computer at my leisure. Like everything else - best made plans can always go wrong Wink but the intention to do this is still there - just a pity there wasnt 48 hours in every day Very Happy

That will be great if you can have a look at all those photographs there will have been more taken in the 1930/1940s than would have been taken in the late 1800's So far I only have one pohotograph of my grandparents and it seems it was taken just before they left Italy to come to UK.
Wish you luck with your research there.
As I said I'll see what I can find on Tuesday.
(Forgot to say when I edited this post that I was leaving it as it is but transferring part of it to a later posting on page 2)

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#15: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:47 pm
Hi Angel
I've just noticed today that some of the spelling for some of the mothers maiden names could be wrong. I'll need to check them again and I dont know how but there wasnt a record for Innucenzio as I said earlier it was the index number for the record for Eufrasia and I had been reading the name I had put down that I was to look for sorry about that!

After going through the records again todayI decided it would be easier to put them in family groups, then the names wouldnt get recorded twice.

Francesco Barilone married Giovanna Cece
In 1852 he was 26yrs old and in 1852 Giovanna was 21yrs (making their date of births approx his 1826 and hers 1831)

Their family:

1852 8th Sept. Antonio

1854 22nd Sept. Nicola Antonio (NicolA is the correct spelling for a boy)

1858 20th July Francesco

1862 5thMarch Concetta

1864 17th April Antonio
(sometimes if an earlier child dies another born at a later date could be given the same name: I notice there's two children named Antonio)

Giovanni Barilone married Angela Cascarino
(Forgot to check their age)

Their Family

1853 13th Sept. Antonio

1858 5th March Fortunata/ Forunato (need to check actual record to find out of baby is male/female)

1860 15th August Francesco Antonio

1866 19th May Francesco

This next one I do need to check again re the spelling of the mother's first name it seems its the same family but then again it may not be.

Gaetano Barilone married Palma?Pasqua? Rosa Iannarelli

Their Family

1866 20th Nov. Matteo

1871 14th Nov. Michela

1873 31st August Dorotea (mother's name Maria Palma ?Iannarelli must check this out)

1877 31st July Rocco Antonio

1881 23rd June Carolina

1888 10th March Maria Giovanna

Francesco Barilone married Lucia Miele

Their family:

1889 4th Sept. Rosa

1891 24th Sept. Eufrasia
(note on her birth act said she died 2nd January 1967 not sure of the name but it looks as though it was in France? I've taken a photograph of this and I'll try to attach it here)

Puzzled though that nothing is showing up around that time 1866 with a name that could be linked to your GGGrandfather. I'm going to check to find out if there is another film where the year 1866 is recorded. (Sometimes years overlap)
I'm going to send this before I try to downlaod the image of the record just in case I lose this information


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