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#16: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:13 pm
This is the copy of Eufrasia's birth act

#17: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:22 pm
The whole birth act

(Just in case you get confused with this birth act and the difference in the years mentioned- It's the bottom part of the document that gives the actual information of the birth record. The top part gives the date when this was redone. I think this happened because lots of documents were lost/ damaged during the war, if I'm wrong about this hopefully someone will give the right reason for this.)

#18: Re: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:18 pm
Hi Emmy,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have am busy preparing for student induction - week next week. The following week I begin full time lecturing. This summer break has gone by so very quickly. So for the next few days my activities will be creating lesson plans and schemes of work. Oh! what joy.

Emmy I don't know why I just assumed you were living in Italy. I am seriously thinking of spending as much time over there as possible when I retire. My mother, daughter and I will be travelling to Italy next year for holiday.
I haven't managed to get to the library this week, so I have planned to go next Thursday afternoon as I will only be working until 11.30am, so there will be loads of time to look through the old photographs. This week has been a bit hectic at the college where I teach (enrolement etc).

I am begining to wonder if Innucenzio is the correct name or could it be Vincenzio. But on the marriage cert (copy) it reads Innucenzio. There was no middle name recorded. There is something interesting though, my G. Grandfather gave all his sons their first names but always seemed to use Antonio and Angelo as their middle names?? Don't know if this helps in anyway. My Grandfather named his first son Antonio Angelo (my mothers brother Tony).
I am always wishing my grandfather (Angelo Antonio) was still alive. He would be able to answer so many questions. He could fill in many of the gaps.

I'm gazing over all the names you have found, wondering which one could be his father and mother.


#19: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:28 pm
I'm going to have a search through the records to see if I can find a Francesco Barilone who had a son named Vincenzo (Vincent: I think that is the English version)
I reckon if your GGrandfather was born around 1866 as you thought then your GGGgrandfather may have been married anytime between 1815/1866 I'll check the marriage films but because you GGGrandmother came from another commune its unlikely they would be married in the commune where your GGGrandfather was born but its worth a try.
Probably be next Tuesday.
Dont envy you doing lessons plans and schemes of work etc. - glad I dont have that worry anymore but in some ways I still miss the children. But there again I was dealing with 4-12 years olds-but now when I meet them when I'm out shopping , they recognise me, but I have to ask who they are because most of them are now married with families of their own- doesn't half make me realise the age I am now! but I'm still only about 26 yrs old -that's in my mind though - pity my body didnt match up with my mind Very Happy :D


#20: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:05 pm
Was looking up to see if I could find Castilligoni but I think perhaps Castilligoni is the wrong spelling - have a look at this link--

Anyone else any ideas on this 'Castilligoni ' is there a comune by this name?


#21: Re: Barilone Family! Author: nucciaLocation: Toronto, Ontario, Canada PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:34 am
The closest name I can think of is Castiglioni in Florence.

#22: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:01 am
Thanks Nuccia
Is this the same place?

Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany, Italy
It's in the area next to Lazio?


#23: Re: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:37 pm

My mother tells me she is sure that the place her Grandmother (my G.Grandmother, Giulietta Tudda came from is called Castiglione. Could this be the one close to Lazio, Castiglione della Pescaia??


#24: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:49 pm
Hi Angel That was my first thought because it was the area next to Lazio, and your GGrandfather came from the Lazio region.

To any other member reading this post can you find the surname Tuda or Tudda - I have looked up various sites but all I've found (I think it was) Tufa/ Tufio.
Just wondered if Tuda/Tudda had been a spelling error.
Grateful for any suggestions.

#25: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:12 pm
I'm copying a post I made earlier to update it because I found Innucenzo Barilone's birth act.

After going through the records again todayI decided it would be easier to put this information into one family group. (The other Barilone family group names are still on the previous post)

Francesco and Giovanna Cece are your ancestors They are the mother and father of Innucenzo
Francesco Barilone married Giovanna Cece

In 1852 he was 26yrs old and in 1852 Giovanna was 21yrs (making their date of births approx his 1826 and hers 1831 this was found on Antonio's birth act -their first child)
Working on their ages on the birth act I found they were married on the 31stJuly 1851 (St'Elia Fiumerapido have photos of documents will email them to you)

Their family:

1852 8th Sept. Antonio

1854 22nd Sept. Nicola Antonio (NicolA is the correct spelling for a boy)

no births recorded between 1854 and 1858

1858 20th July Francesco

1862 5thMarch Concetta

1864 17th April Antonio
(sometimes if an earlier child dies another born at a later date could be given the same name: I notice there's two children named Antonio) Need to check death records between 1852/1864

1867 Innocenzo 22nd August (His father was said to be 41yrs old when he was born)
I checked birth records up to 1877 and no more Barilone births were recorded with Francesco and Giovanna being the parents.

Information from Francesco and Giovanna's marriage document:
Francesco's father was Michele and his mother : Maria Antonia di Cicco
Giovanna's father was Pasquale and her mother Serafina Arcari I think it says something on that document about Giovanna's mother having died in March that year -not sure about this though.

Have a look at this information Angel and see if you agree with it.

edited to correct spelling

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#26: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:18 pm
I'm going to post a copyof the marriage act here hoping some of the other members could have a look and see if I was correct about Giovanna's mother dying in March of the year they married Question

#27: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:34 pm
(Last post atttachment didnt work I'm trying again)

Appreciate some help/suggestions here.

The part I would like you to look at is in the left column bottom quarter of the document just after Giovanna's mother's name.
Grateful for any suggestions

#28: Re: Barilone Family! Author: uantitiLocation: Biella (Piedmont) and Venezia/Venice, Italy PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 5:43 pm
Hi Emmy,
yes, Giovanna's mother died on March 11. Her surname to me is "Arcari" and first name is Serafina.


#29: Re: Barilone Family! Author: ANGELLocation: UK PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:55 pm
I am so very grateful to you Emmy, I began to feel as though I would never find out about my family. At present the photo copies have printed out very dark. I am going to print them out again, hopefully to get them much lighter.

Thank you also Ada for clarifying some of the details on the document.


#30: Re: Barilone Family! Author: EmmyLocation: Scotland PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:07 am
Thanks for you help Ada much appreciate
Emmy xx

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