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Page Topic: Annabali family from Chiusi in Casentino
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#1: Annabali family from Chiusi in Casentino Author: rjjammer PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 3:50 pm
Hello everybody,
I have been researching this family for some time now and have sort of hit a wall.
I have Luzio Annibali born in 1859 in Chiusi di Casentino. Father was Giovanni and mother was Elizabetta Gellini.
I have looked at the microfilms from utah on the civil registration index for that area where Luzio was born and looked before 1859 to 1853 and also forward to 1865 to possibly find siblings and nothing. the name does not even appear on any of those microfilms for any of those years.
I'm guessing that they may have been from a neighboring town because even today there are many Gellini families in

-> Northern Italy

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