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Page Topic: Searching the names Ventre & Varra
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#1: Searching the names Ventre & Varra Author: ventre01 PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:58 am
Hi Im new here searching for family history on the Ventre family who lived in Gioia Tauro Reggio Calabria and Varra Family who lived in Rosarno Reggio Calabria.

My father in law Antonio Ventre came arrived in Australia nov 3 1966 via boat Gaileo Gaileli.

He was told that years ago two Ventre brothers populated the town of Gioia Tauro wether this is true we are unsure as we are stuck in where to look alhou we do know somewhere along the lines Ventre and Varra are connected via marriage.

The info i have are the following.

Antonio Ventre - born 02/03/1944 Gioia Tauro Married in Italy to Maria Concetta Varra born 14/12/1955 Rosarno

Francesco Ventre - born 1916 died 07/06/1994 married Caterina Panetta born 08/02/1923 died 18/07/2011 they had five children: Antonio,Assunta,Immaculata, Rocco (dec) Ippolito

Antonio Ventre married Assunta Prattico born 26/03/1892 Gioia Tauro died 1976 they had nine children: Francesco, Orsola (dec), Vittorio, Rocco, Maria, Ippolito, Francesco, Carmela and (?)

Varra Family

Maria Concetta Varra born 14/12/1955 married Antonio Ventre born 02/03/1944

Domenico S Varra born 24/09/1916 died 16/05/1978 Rosarno (RC) married Sofia Concetta Reitano born 1914 died 2000 had ten children:
Carmelina, Domenica, Fortunato, Francesco, Luigi, Rosario, Santina, Vittorio,Michele (dec) and Maria

Francesco R Varra born 27/12/1878 died 25/12/1956 married Santa Lacquaniti born 05/02/1887 died 28/09/1972

Rocco Varra married Maria C Muritori

If anyone could help me with finding further information or if you share any of the family names i would greatly appreciate it.
There is another Ventre family who live in Australia, my father in law believes that they are not related but from what i have been looking at alone the lines i believe they are so how as hey are from the same village.

Thanks in advance.

-> Where do I begin?

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