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Page Topic: State of the Family Record & Other State Records
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#1: State of the Family Record & Other State Records Author: debbiemfit PostPosted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:06 pm
Hi All,

On the 1905 marriage record in NYC, my GGM Annetta Nizza states she was born in Santo Stefano Roero, Cuneo, Piedmont region.
Her parents were Antonio Nizza and Margherita (no maiden name given). Based on other documents, I believe she was born around 1875-1876.

A search of records, finds an Antonio Nizza & Margherita Costa who married in 1870, and had their first child Margherita in 1871. A son Gio Battista, in 1878, and three more daughters into the 1880's. No baptism record of Annetta. The parents were the only Antonio and Margherita found in the village in that time frame, according to the search. And her birth would fit into the large gap between first and second child (I realize there could also have been infants that passed in that gap).

I am not convinced yet, that this is not her family, so I am trying to find her in other records if possible. I have read about the State of the Family Record. If I ask for this record, do I ask for a particular year? Several years? Family name? I don't know how often these records were taken or are categorized. How would I ask for this record?

Are there other records from the time frame I might search for that would provide information about the whole family? I have read about a parish census? Are there actual census records? How could I find those records.

I also believe that she was married before immigrating. My guess based on when I think she was born, would be 1893-1896 (starting at age 18). I know the parish records would be by year, but if I asked for a State Civil search for a marriage record, would it also be by year? Or are those records categorized by name? (hoping). Are all state records by year ? Including deaths?

Any help/suggestions in trying to find her in other records would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks so much ! Happy New Year!


#2: Re: State of the Family Record & Other State Records Author: charliemisLocation: Philadelphia PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:00 pm

My Italian cousin obtained a copy for me of my Grandfather's record about 15 years ago. It showed all details about him, his spouses and his children. I think you would ask about a specific individual.....not sure how far back they would GF was born in 1861.

#3: Re: State of the Family Record & Other State Records Author: debbiemfit PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:14 pm
Hi Charlie, that's what I am hoping it will state. Thanks for your response. I hope it will be the same in the Cuneo region!

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